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A Global World GGES1008 Module
Academic and Technical Skills Development GGES6021 Module
Adapting to Climate Change and Weather Hazards GGES3019 Module
Advanced Geographical Information Systems GGES3009 Module
Advanced Geographical Information Systems GGES2008 Module
Advanced Research Project GGES6001 Module
Air Quality and Environmental Pollution GGES3005 Module
Air Quality and Environmental Pollution GGES6009 Module
Applied GIS: Using GIS in the Workplace GGES3024 Module
Berlin Fieldcourse: Politics and Urban Space GGES3008 Module
Coastal Landscapes and Human Interactions GGES2021 Module
Concepts and Methods for Environmental Management GGES2016 Module
Core Skills in GIS GGES6013 Module
Cultural Geography GGES2014 Module
Curiosity, Creativity and Communication: Studying Geography at University GGES1010 Module
Data Collection and Research Methods for Sustainability and Environmental Science GGES6018 Module
Data Collection and Research Methods for Sustainability and Environmental Science GGES3006 Module
Desert Landscapes: Modelling and Measuring Aeolian Systems GGES3016 Module
Dissertation (GIS) GEOG6035 Module
Dynamic Landscapes GGES1006 Module
Ecology and Conservation GGES1004 Module
Economic Geography GGES2012 Module
Environment and Health GGES3010 Module
Environmental Field Techniques and Applications GGES1003 Module
Environmental Impact Assessment GGES2001 Module
Environmental Impact Assessment GGES6003 Module
Environmental Law and Management GGES3000 Module
Environmental Law and Management Systems GGES6005 Module
Environmental Science: Concepts and Communication GGES1000 Module
Environmental Sensing for Real World Geomorphological Challenges GGES3023 Module
Evolutionary Economic Geography GGES3017 Module
Exploring Physical Environments: Overseas Fieldcourse GGES2010 Module
Exploring Urban and Natural Environments GGES1012 Module
Fieldbased Geographical Research GGES3011 Module
First Year Fieldcourse GGES1015 Module
Freshwater Ecosystems GGES6004 Module
Freshwater Ecosystems GGES2000 Module
Geographies of Nature: food, animals and other nonhuman life GGES3015 Module
Geographies of Risk GGES1011 Module
Geographies of Social Justice, Welfare and Rights GGES3018 Module
Geography Research Project GGES3012 Module
Geopolitics, Borders & Development GGES1016 Module
GIS for Analysis of Health GGES6016 Module
GIS for Environmental Management GGES6017 Module
Glaciers in a Changing Climate GGES3013 Module
Global Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Policy GGES2011 Module
Global Sustainability Challenges UOSM2043 Module
Global Tipping Points GGES2019 Module
Image Analysis and Data Visualisation using IDL GGES6015 Module
Individual Project GGES3004 Module
Introduction to Sustainability GGES6019 Module
Introductory Geographic Information Systems GGES2007 Module
Longterm Environmental Change GGES2004 Module
Migration and Development GGES3020 Module
MSc Research Project GGES6007 Module
Nature Based Solutions GGES3032 Module
Practical Skills in Remote Sensing GGES6014 Module
Practising Human Geographical Research GGES2013 Module
Principles of Geography GGES1013 Module
Programming for GIS and Spatial Analyses GGES6020 Module
Quantitative Methods GGES1001 Module
Remote Sensing for Earth Observation GGES2005 Module
Remote Sensing for Earth Observation GGES6023 Module
Research Project GGES6011 Module
Research Skills and Project Work GGES6022 Module
Researching Human Geography GGES2006 Module
Researching the Environment: Literature Review and Project Preparation GGES2003 Module
River Basin Management and Restoration GGES3014 Module
River Basin Management and Restoration GGES6010 Module
Society, Culture and Space GGES1007 Module
Sustainable Resource Management GGES3001 Module
The Creative Economy GGES3021 Module
The Earth System GGES1005 Module
The Professional Geographer GGES3033 Module
The Sustainability Professional GGES3002 Module
The Sustainability Professional (MSc) GGES6008 Module
Topographic Data Analysis Techniques and Applications GGES6012 Module
Urban Geography GGES2018 Module
Water Pollution GGES6000 Module
Water Pollution GGES2002 Module
Water, People and Environment: Cambodia Field Course GGES3025 Module
Wellbeing, Inequality & Place GGES2009 Module
WorkBased Learning GGES6002 Module

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