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Advanced Quantum Physics PHYS6003 Module
Applied Nuclear Physics PHYS3009 Module
Atomic Physics PHYS3008 Module
Bachelor of Science Project PHYS3018 Module
BSc Final Year Synoptic Examination PHYS3017 Module
Classical Mechanics PHYS2006 Module
Computer Techniques in Physics PHYS6017 Module
Cosmology PHYS6005 Module
Crystalline Solids PHYS3004 Module
Design and Observation in Astronomy PHYS2011 Module
Discovering our Universe UOSM2046 Module
Dissertation PHYS6009 Module
Electricity and Magnetism PHYS1022 Module
Electromagnetism PHYS2001 Module
Energy and Matter PHYS1013 Module
European Dimension in Space PHYS2030 Module
Galaxies PHYS2013 Module
Introduction to Astronomy and Space Science PHYS1005 Module
Introduction to Energy in The Environment PHYS2015 Module
Introduction to Photonics PHYS1004 Module
Introduction to the Nanoworld PHYS2031 Module
Life in the Cosmos UOSM2029 Module
Light and Matter PHYS3003 Module
Linear Algebra for Physics PHYS1203 Module
Medical Physics PHYS2007 Module
Motion and Relativity PHYS1015 Module
MPhys Final Year Synoptic Examination PHYS6015 Module
MPhys Project PHYS6006 Module
Nanoscience: technology and advanced materials PHYS6014 Module
Nuclei and Particles PHYS3002 Module
Particle Physics PHYS6011 Module
Particle Physics Research Project PHYS6016 Module
Personal Tutorial (Physics) PHYS1028 Module
Photons in Astrophysics PHYS3011 Module
Physics Careers Advice PHYS3020 Module
Physics from Evidence I PHYS2022 Module
Physics from Evidence II PHYS6008 Module
Physics of the Early Universe PHYS6071 Module
Physics of the Upper Atmosphere PHYS6074 Module
Physics Skills Programming and Data Analysis PHYS1201 Module
Physics Skills 1 PHYS1017 Module
Physics Skills 2 PHYS1019 Module
Practical Photonics PHYS2009 Module
Quantum Information PHYS6075 Module
Quantum Optics PHYS6073 Module
Quantum Physics PHYS2003 Module
R&D Project for MPhys Industrial Placement PHYS6027 Module
Research and Thesis on Experimental Physics PHYS6018 Module
Research Thesis PHYS6072 Module
Research Thesis Astrophysics PHYS6013 Module
Space Plasma Physics PHYS6004 Module
Statistical Mechanics PHYS2024 Module
Stellar Evolution PHYS3010 Module
Theories of Matter, Space and Time PHYS3007 Module
Wave Physics PHYS2023 Module
Waves, Light and Quanta PHYS1011 Module

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