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Actuarial Mathematics I MATH6129 Module
Actuarial Mathematics I MATH3063 Module
Actuarial Mathematics II MATH6130 Module
Actuarial Mathematics II MATH3066 Module
Actuarial Science Case Study 1 MATH6159 Module
Actuarial Science Case Study 2 MATH6160 Module
Advanced Fluid Dynamics MATH3072 Module
Advanced General Relativity MATH6139 Module
Advanced Partial Differential Equations MATH6163 Module
Advanced Partial Differential Equations MATH3083 Module
Algebraic Topology MATH3080 Module
Algorithms MATH2014 Module
Analysis MATH2039 Module
Analytical Consultancy Skills MATH6119 Module
Applied Seminar MATH7004 Module
Calculus MATH1059 Module
Clinical Trials MATH6151 Module
Complex Analysis MATH3088 Module
Computational Machine Learning and Optimisation MATH6184 Module
Computerbased statistical modelling MATH6112 Module
CORMSIS practitioner talks and project briefings MATH6167 Module
Data Mining and Analytics MATH6183 Module
Design and Analysis of Experiments MATH3014 Module
Design of Experiments MATH6027 Module
Deterministic OR Methods MATH6002 Module
Deterministic OR Methods for Data Scientists MATH6161 Module
Differential Geometry and Lie Groups MATH6109 Module
Dynamics and Relativity MATH1057 Module
Economics MATH6121 Module
Engineering Mathematics Workshop MATH1061 Module
Epidemiological Methods MATH6033 Module
Fields and Fluids MATH2044 Module
Financial Mathematics MATH2040 Module
Financial Mathematics MATH6131 Module
Financial Portfolio Theory MATH6017 Module
First Year Mathematics Workshop MATH1046 Module
Flexible Regression MATH6169 Module
Forecasting MATH6011 Module
Further Number Theory MATH3078 Module
Galois Theory MATH3086 Module
General Relativity Seminar MATH3074 Module
Geometric Group Theory MATH6138 Module
Geometry and Topology MATH2049 Module
Graph Theory MATH3033 Module
Gravitational Waves MATH6172 Module
Gravity Seminar MATH7006 Module
Group Theory MATH2003 Module
Harmonic Analysis MATH6155 Module
Hilbert Spaces MATH3076 Module
Homotopy and Homology MATH6137 Module
Hyperbolic Geometry MATH6079 Module
Integral Transform Methods MATH6162 Module
Integral Transform Methods MATH3084 Module
Introduction to Probability and Statistics MATH1024 Module
Introduction to Python MATH6005 Module
Introduction to Semigroup Theory MATH6095 Module
Likelihood and Bayesian Inference MATH6174 Module
Linear Algebra I MATH1048 Module
Linear Algebra II MATH1049 Module
Machine Learning MATH6168 Module
Math Methods for Scientist 1b MATH1009 Module
Mathematical Biology MATH3052 Module
Mathematical Finance MATH3022 Module
Mathematical Finance MATH6127 Module
Mathematical Methods for Physical Scientists 1a MATH1006 Module
Mathematical Methods For Physical Scientists 1b MATH1007 Module
Mathematical Methods for Scientists MATH2015 Module
Mathematical Methods for Scientists 1a MATH1008 Module
Mathematical Programming MATH3017 Module
Mathematics for Electronic and Electrical Engineering MATH1055 Module
Mathematics for Electronics & Electrical Engineering Part II MATH2047 Module
Mathematics for Engineering and the Environment MATH1054 Module
Mathematics for Engineering and the Environment Part II MATH2048 Module
Mathematics Project MATH3092 Module
Mathematics ProjectErasmus students MATH3073 Module
Maths and Mingle MATH7007 Module
MMath Project MATH6144 Module
Modelling with Differential Equations MATH6149 Module
Modules and Representations MATH6156 Module
MSc Actuarial Science Project MATH6132 Module
Multivariable Calculus MATH1060 Module
Number Theory MATH1001 Module
Numerical Methods MATH6141 Module
Numerical Methods MATH3018 Module
Operational Research MATH3081 Module
Operational Research and Data Science Case Study 1 MATH6185 Module
Operational Research and Data Science Case Study 2 MATH6186 Module
Operational Research I and Mathematical Computing MATH1058 Module
Operational Research II MATH2013 Module
Optimisation MATH3082 Module
Optimization MATH3016 Module
Partial Differential Equations MATH2038 Module
Postgraduate String Seminars MATH7013 Module
Presenting Reports MATH6145 Module
Probability and Mathematical Statistics MATH6122 Module
Professional Skills for Mathematical Sciences MATH7008 Module
Project MATH6001 Module
Pure Colloquium MATH7003 Module
Pure lunchtime seminar MATH7001 Module
Python for Business and Marketing MATH6182 Module
Relativity, Black Holes and Cosmology MATH3006 Module
Research Skills in Applied Mathematics MATH7009 Module
Research Skills in Operational Research MATH7010 Module
Research Skills in Pure Mathematics MATH7011 Module
Research Skills in Statistics MATH7012 Module
Revenue Management MATH6146 Module
Statistical Computing MATH6173 Module
Statistical Computing for Data Scientists MATH6166 Module
Statistical Distribution Theory MATH2011 Module
Statistical Genetics MATH6068 Module
Statistical Inference MATH3044 Module
Statistical Methods for OR Modelling MATH6006 Module
Statistical Modelling I MATH2010 Module
Statistical Modelling II MATH3091 Module
Statistical Seminar Series I MATH6026 Module
Statistical Seminar Series II MATH6028 Module
Statistics Project MATH6031 Module
Statistics Seminar MATH7005 Module
Stochastic OR Methods MATH6004 Module
Stochastic OR Methods for Data Scientists MATH6164 Module
Stochastic Processes MATH6128 Module
Stochastic Processes MATH2012 Module
String Theory Seminars MATH7014 Module
Structure and Dynamics of Networks MATH6140 Module
Structure and Dynamics of Networks MATH3090 Module
Survival Analysis MATH6021 Module
Survival Models MATH6143 Module
Survival Models MATH3085 Module
Topology Seminar MATH7002 Module
TT Personal Tutor meeting MATH1053 Module
Vector Calculus and Complex Variable MATH2045 Module

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