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Acute Care MEDI4023 Module
Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology MEDI6066 Module
Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) MEDI3046 Module
BM Research Project MEDI3048 Module
BM Year 1 Synoptic Assessment Module MEDI1035 Module
BM Year 2 Synoptic Assessment Module MEDI2048 Module
BM4 Y1 Foundations of Medicine MEDI2038 Module
Cardiopulmonary (CP) MEDI1030 Module
Child Health MEDI3044 Module
Clinical Medicine 1 MEDI2039 Module
Clinical Medicine 2 MEDI4021 Module
Development and Implementation of Public Health Policies and Strategies MEDI6069 Module
Dissertation by Research/Professional Project MEDI6071 Module
Enabling Change for Health Improvement MEDI6072 Module
Endocrinology and the Life Cycle MEDI2043 Module
Epidemiology: Concepts, Analysis and Application MEDI6073 Module
Foundations of Medicine MEDI1031 Module
Gastrointestinal (GI) MEDI2042 Module
German Medical Practice MEDI3042 Module
Health Economics for Public Health MEDI6233 Module
Health Services Organisation and Evaluation MEDI6075 Module
Human Structure & Function 1 MEDI0011 Module
Human Structure & Function 2 MEDI0012 Module
Integration of Knowledge and Clinical Medicine 1 MEDI2040 Module
Integration of Knowledge and Clinical Medicine 2 MEDI2047 Module
Introduction to Clinical Medicine in Southampton MEDI3054 Module
Introduction to Statistics and SPSS MEDI6228 Module
Locomotor MEDI1033 Module
Medical Ethics & Law MEDI3052 Module
Medicine and Elderly Care MEDI3049 Module
Medicine in Practice 1 MEDI1034 Module
Medicine in Practice 2 MEDI2041 Module
Medicine, Surgery and Primary Care MEDI3040 Module
MMedsc Research Project MEDI6220 Module
Nervous System MEDI2046 Module
Numeracy and Statistics MEDI0014 Module
Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Genitourinary Medicine (O and G and GUM) MEDI3045 Module
Primary Medical Care and Long Term Conditions MEDI3041 Module
Professional Development MEDI6248 Module
Professional Practice MEDI0013 Module
Psychiatry MEDI4022 Module
Qualitative Methods for Public Health MEDI6229 Module
Renal MEDI2044 Module
Research for Medicine and Health MEDI2045 Module
Scientific Review MEDI6221 Module
Student Selected Unit 3 MEDI3047 Module
Student Selected Units 1 and 2 MEDI1032 Module
Surgery and Orthopaedics MEDI3050 Module

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