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Academic Elective MEDI5021 Module
Applied Knowledge Assessment (Final) MEDI5015 Module
Applied Knowledge Assessment (MCQ) MEDI3057 Module
Assistantship MEDI6118 Module
BM Final Examination MEDI5004 Module
BM Finals Assessment of Clinical Practice MEDI5010 Module
BM Finals Essay Papers MEDI5009 Module
BM Finals Objective Structured Clinical Examination MEDI5011 Module
BM Finals Written Papers (OBA/EMI) MEDI5012 Module
BM Original Final Year MEDI5999 Module
BM5 Original Year 4 MEDI4999 Module
Child Health Final MEDI5005 Module
Clinical & Professional Skills Assessment (OSCE) MEDI3056 Module
Clinical Elective MEDI5020 Module
Clinical Professional Skills Assessment (CPSA) (Final) MEDI5016 Module
Data Interpretation & Summarisation Assessment (Final) MEDI5017 Module
Elective MEDI5018 Module
Medicine (Final) MEDI6113 Module
Medicine Final MEDI5006 Module
Medicine in Practice 3 MEDI5003 Module
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Final MEDI5007 Module
Personal Professional Development MEDI6114 Module
Primary Medical Care MEDI6115 Module
Primary Medical Care Final MEDI5013 Module
Psychiatry Final MEDI5002 Module
Specialty Weeks (Dermatology, Head & Neck, Neurology & Ophthalmology) MEDI3053 Module
Student Selected Unit 4 MEDI6116 Module
Student Selected Unit Final MEDI5008 Module
Surgery MEDI6117 Module
Surgery Final MEDI5001 Module
Workplace Based Assessment (Final) MEDI5019 Module

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