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American Cinema Since 1965 FILM3006 Module
Animation: Technology, Culture and Industry FILM2023 Module
Animation: Technology, culture, and industry FILM3022 Module
Auteur filmmakers: case studies in cinema FILM6045 Module
Classical Film Theory and Textual Analysis FILM6032 Module
Contemporary British Cinema FILM2015 Module
Crime TV: Technologies of Detection FILM3028 Module
Current Issues in Film Distribution and Exhibition FILM6033 Module
Digital Media: Contexts and Histories FILM1038 Module
Digital Media: Culture and Identity FILM1039 Module
Digital Media: Practices and Provocations FILM2030 Module
Digital Screen Cultures FILM6059 Module
Early and Silent Cinema, 18951929 FILM2002 Module
East Asian Noir: Crime and the City FILM6046 Module
Environmental Cinema and Media FILM3040 Module
Film Adaptation FILM2028 Module
Film Audiences: Theories, Methods and Contexts FILM3039 Module
Film Audiences: Theories, Methods and Contexts FILM2032 Module
Film Dissertation FILM3003 Module
Film Noir: Exile Filmmakers and 1940s Hollywood FILM2003 Module
Film Policy: National and Global Contexts (Research) FILM6034 Module
Film Stardom and Celebrity Culture FILM6031 Module
Film Studies Dissertation FILM6060 Module
Film Studies Individually Negotiated Topic FILM6036 Module
Film Theory, Media, Culture and Society FILM1018 Module
Film, Realism and Reality: representing the world, from revolution to the everyday FILM2026 Module
Framing the Past:Stardom, History and Heritage in the Cinema FILM3018 Module
Global Cinemas FILM2020 Module
Horror on Film FILM3024 Module
International Film Industry: Issues and Debates FILM3025 Module
Introduction to Film 1: Style and Analysis FILM1001 Module
Introduction to Film II: European Cinema FILM1002 Module
Introduction to Film Studies FILM2006 Module
iPhD Research Proposal (iPhd) Film FILM6026 Module
Music in Film and Television FILM3012 Module
PostClassical Film Theory: Film History and Cinephilia FILM6028 Module
Preparing for the Dissertation FILM6061 Module
Research in Film Studies FILM6029 Module
Television Studies: Key Debates FILM2027 Module
The Supernatural in Audiovisual Culture FILM6058 Module
Video Games in Context FILM3038 Module
What is Cinema? Film, Art, Technology 2 FILM1037 Module
Women and Hollywood FILM2019 Module

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