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Academic Listening (Presessional 11 Online) PRES0101 Module
Academic Listening (Presessional 16 online) PRES0084 Module
Academic Listening (Presessional 16) PRES0085 Module
Academic Listening (Presessional 6 online) PRES0098 Module
Academic Listening (Presessional Course A) PRES0003 Module
Academic Listening (Presessional Course B) PRES0009 Module
Academic Reading (Presessional 11 online) PRES0094 Module
Academic Reading (Presessional 16 online) PRES0086 Module
Academic Reading (Presessional 16) PRES0087 Module
Academic Reading (Presessional 6 online) PRES0092 Module
Academic Reading (Presessional Course A) PRES0004 Module
Academic Reading (Presessional Course B) PRES0010 Module
Academic Skills for International Students LANG1019 Module
Academic Speaking (Presessional 11 Online) PRES0102 Module
Academic Speaking (Presessional 16 online) PRES0088 Module
Academic Speaking (Presessional 16) PRES0089 Module
Academic Speaking (Presessional 6 online) PRES0099 Module
Academic Speaking (Presessional Course A) PRES0005 Module
Academic Speaking (Presessional Course B) PRES0011 Module
Academic Writing (Presessional 11 Online) PRES0095 Module
Academic Writing (Presessional 6 Online) PRES0093 Module
Academic Writing (Presessional Course 16 online) PRES0090 Module
Academic Writing (Presessional Course 16) PRES0091 Module
Academic Writing (Presessional Course A) PRES0006 Module
Academic Writing (Presessional Course B) PRES0012 Module
Critical Thinking and Research Skills IFYP0017 Module
English for Academic Purposes (In Session) ENGL9042 Module
English for Academic Study IFYP0016 Module
English for Academic Study (Jan) IFYP0025 Module
English for Study Year Abroad ENGL3067 Module
English Language Stage 3 ENGL9001 Module
English Language Stage 3A ENGL9007 Module
English Language Stage 3B ENGL9012 Module
English Language Stage 4 ENGL9002 Module
English Language Stage 4A ENGL9008 Module
English Language Stage 4B ENGL9013 Module
English Language Stage 5 ENGL9003 Module
English Language stage 5A ENGL9009 Module
English Language stage 5B ENGL9014 Module
English Language Stage 6 ENGL9004 Module
English Language Stage 6B ENGL9015 Module
English Language Stage 7 ENGL9005 Module
English Language Stage 7A ENGL9011 Module
English Language Stage 7B ENGL9016 Module
Global Society IFYP0024 Module
Global Society IFYP0014 Module
Independent Learning (Presessional 11 Online) PRES0103 Module
Independent Learning (Presessional 16) PRES0097 Module
Independent Learning (Presessional 6 Online) PRES0100 Module
Intercultural Communication in a Global World UOSM2017 Module
Introduction to British Life and Institutions LANG1005 Module
Introduction to Business IFYP0023 Module
Introduction to Liberal Arts IFYP0031 Module
Mathematics and Statistics IFYP0018 Module
Survey Methods for Management and Social Sciences IFYP0021 Module
Year Abroad Report Module for Humanities Students HUMA3013 Module

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23-24 Pre-sessional 16/11/6 weeks courses Academic Year 2023/24 10/01/2024 17:01:06