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A Critical Appraisal of Language Teaching Methodologies LING6020 Module
Academic Skills for Modern languages and Linguistics students LANG1017 Module
Advanced Skills Portfolio (IPhD Applied Linguistics/English Language Teaching) LING8001 Module
An ambivalent asylum: the histories and memories of refugees in early twentiethcentury France FREN3025 Module
Analysing Language for ELT/TESOL LING6066 Module
Analysing Language for ELT/TESOL LING6077 Module
Applications of Linguistics LING1003 Module
Approaches to Languages and Cultures LANG6022 Module
Arabic for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1005 Module
Arabic Language Stage 1B ARAB9014 Module
Arabic Language Stage 2B ARAB9016 Module
Assessment of Language Proficiency LING6007 Module
Assessment of Language Proficiency LING6071 Module
Audiovisual Translation LANG3008 Module
Audiovisual Translation LANG6019 Module
Autonomy and Individualisation in Language Learning LING6008 Module
Barrios and Borders: Language and Identity amongst US Latinos SPAN3004 Module
Chinese Language Stage 1A CHIN9024 Module
Chinese Language Stage 1B CHIN9025 Module
Chinese Language Stage 2A CHIN9026 Module
Chinese Language Stage 2B CHIN9027 Module
Chinese Language Stage 3B CHIN9029 Module
Conflicts, Crisis and Identities in the Francophone Context FREN2021 Module
Corpus Linguistics: Working with largescale text data LING2013 Module
Critical Appraisal of Language Teaching Methodologies LING6072 Module
Critical Appraisal of Language Teaching Methodologies LING6012 Module
Culture, Power and Resistance in the PortugueseSpeaking World PORT2001 Module
Current Issues in Language Teaching Methodology LING6013 Module
Developing Approaches to Language Teaching LING6041 Module
Digital Education and English Language Teaching LING6040 Module
Discourse Analysis LING2004 Module
Disease, discrimination, and public engagement HUMA2025 Module
Dissertation (ALLT/ELT) LING6016 Module
Dissertation (Transnational Studies) TRAN6014 Module
Dissertation MLANG LANG6020 Module
ELearning for English Language Teaching LING6019 Module
Elements of Linguistics Sound, Structure and Meaning LING1001 Module
Encounters with Bodies in Lusophone Cultural Narrative PORT3006 Module
English as a Global Language LING3013 Module
English as a World Language LING6073 Module
English as a World Language LING6014 Module
English as medium of instruction in global education LING6042 Module
Ethnography of Latin America SPAN2014 Module
Exiles, Migrants and Citizens: Narrating and documenting displacement in contemporary Spain SPAN3011 Module
Exiles, Migrants and Citizens: Narrating and documenting displacement in contemporary Spain (online) SPAN3018 Module
Experiences of language teaching and learning: narrative inquiry in language education LING6089 Module
Exploring French Linguistics FREN2018 Module
Exploring Spanish Linguistics SPAN2010 Module
French accelerated language stages 12 FREN9095 Module
French Accelerated Language Stages 34 FREN9098 Module
French for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1017 Module
French for Improvers Stage 2 LLLL1020 Module
French Language Stage 1A FREN9085 Module
French Language Stage 1B FREN9086 Module
French Language Stage 2A FREN9087 Module
French Language Stage 3B FREN9090 Module
French Language Stage 4 FREN9010 Module
French Language Stage 5 FREN9011 Module
French Language Stage 6 FREN9012 Module
French Language stage 6 (RA OutLang) FREN9904 Module
French Language Stage 7 FREN9013 Module
French Sociolinguistics (online) FREN3031 Module
French Sociolinguistics: Challenges to Francophonie FREN3030 Module
French Stage 3 LLLL1023 Module
From English to Englishes LING1002 Module
Gender, Race and Nation in Modern Latin America SPAN2005 Module
German Accelerated Language Stages 34 GERM9072 Module
German for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1026 Module
German Language Stage 1 and 2 (Accelerated) GERM9040 Module
German Language Stage 1A GERM9063 Module
German Language Stage 1B GERM9064 Module
German Language Stage 3B GERM9068 Module
German Language Stage 4 GERM9011 Module
German Language Stage 5 GERM9012 Module
German Language Stage 6 GERM9013 Module
German Language Stage 7 GERM9014 Module
GermanJewish Writing Across the Twentieth Century HUMA3021 Module
Globalisation: Culture, Language and The Nation State LANG2002 Module
Greek for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1035 Module
High, Popular, Mass Culture: Cultural Hybridity and Globalization in Latin America and Spain SPAN2006 Module
Historical Memory in Modern Latin America SPAN3001 Module
Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in France FREN2007 Module
Introduction to British Identity and Nationhood LANG1008 Module
Introduction to French and Francophone Studies FREN1018 Module
Introduction to German Studies GERM1013 Module
Introduction to Language, Culture and Communication LANG1021 Module
Introduction to Spanish and Latin America Studies SPAN1006 Module
Introduction to The PortugueseSpeaking World PORT1001 Module
iPhD Research Proposal in Applied Linguistics/ELT LING6067 Module
Italian for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1038 Module
Italian Language Stage 1A ITAL9055 Module
Italian Language Stage 1B ITAL9056 Module
Japanese for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1046 Module
Japanese for Improvers Stage 2 LLLL1049 Module
Japanese Language Stage 1A JAPA9018 Module
Japanese Language Stage 1B JAPA9019 Module
Japanese Language Stage 2A JAPA9020 Module
Japanese Language Stage 2B JAPA9021 Module
Language Acquisition LING1004 Module
Language and Communication Disorders LING3017 Module
Language and Intercultural Communication LING6075 Module
Language and Intercultural Communication LING6028 Module
Language and Society in GermanSpeaking World GERM2004 Module
Language and the City GERM3016 Module
Language ideologies in a globalising world LING6043 Module
Language in Society LING6070 Module
Language in Society LING6006 Module
Language Learning LING6024 Module
Language Testing and Assessment in Society LING3014 Module
Language, Ideologies and Attitudes LING1009 Module
Language, Power and Institutions: how linguistic practices can shape our lives LING2012 Module
Languages for Academic Study LANG2011 Module
Learning about Culture: Introduction to Ethnography HUMA2024 Module
MA Dissertation (Languages & Cultures and Translation & Professional Communication Skills) LANG6025 Module
Managing Research and Learning LANG2010 Module
Mandarin Chinese for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1008 Module
Meaning and Structure in Sociolinguistics LING3016 Module
Memory in National and Transnational Contexts LANG6027 Module
Minorities and Migrants: Exploring Multicultural Germany GERM3006 Module
ML French Independent Study Module (online) FREN3033 Module
ML German Independent Study Module (online) GERM3019 Module
ML Linguistics Independent Study Module (online) LING3012 Module
ML Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American Independent Study Module (online) SPAN3016 Module
ML Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American Independent Study Module (online) SPAN3017 Module
Modern Lang and Ling Studies LANG3013 Module
Modern Languages Dissertation LANG3003 Module
Multilingualism LING2009 Module
Narrative, Place, Identity LANG6032 Module
Narrative, Place, Identity LANG6028 Module
Nation, Culture, Power LANG6023 Module
Placement Module LANG6033 Module
Portuguese 2 Improvers LLLL1112 Module
Portuguese accelerated language stages 12 PORT9035 Module
Portuguese accelerated language stages 34 PORT9036 Module
Portuguese for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1072 Module
Portuguese Language Stage 5 PORT9004 Module
Portuguese Language Stage 6 PORT9005 Module
Portuguese Language Stage 6 PORT9038 Module
Portuguese Language Stage 7 PORT9006 Module
PostWar French Thought and Culture FREN2008 Module
Practical Translation LANG6030 Module
Practical Translation (2): Specialist Translation LANG6034 Module
Pragmatics in global contexts LING6088 Module
Principles of Communicative Language Teaching LING6022 Module
Principles of Communicative Language Teaching LING6074 Module
Psycholinguistics LING2002 Module
Public Service Interpreting LANG3006 Module
Qualitative Methods 1 RESM6303 Module
Quantitative Methods I RESM6304 Module
Research and Enquiry in Applied Linguistics LING6068 Module
Research and Enquiry in Applied Linguistics LING6001 Module
Research Design and Practice RESM6102 Module
Research Skills LING6017 Module
Research Skills (Dissertation Preparation) LANG6029 Module
Research Skills 1 (online) LANG3009 Module
Research Skills 2 TRAN6011 Module
Research Skills for Dissertation Study LING6027 Module
Russian for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1057 Module
Russian Language Stage 1A RUSS9017 Module
Russian Language Stage 1B RUSS9018 Module
Second Language Acquisition LING3001 Module
Second Language Learning LING6005 Module
Second Language Learning LING6069 Module
Seeing and Being Seen. Period Abroad reentry LANG3011 Module
Sex, Gender and Desire in French Literature and Culture FREN3028 Module
Sex, Soap Operas and Female Dissidents: Representations of Women in the Hispanic World SPAN3012 Module
Sociophonetic Project Module LING3015 Module
Sound and Voice LING2008 Module
Spanish Accelerated Language stages 12 SPAN9007 Module
Spanish for Beginners Stage 1 LLLL1063 Module
Spanish for Improvers Stage 2 LLLL1066 Module
Spanish Language Stage 1A SPAN9071 Module
Spanish Language Stage 1B SPAN9072 Module
Spanish Language Stage 2A SPAN9073 Module
Spanish Language Stage 2B SPAN9074 Module
Spanish Language Stage 4 SPAN9010 Module
Spanish Language Stage 5 SPAN9011 Module
Spanish Language Stage 6 SPAN9012 Module
Spanish Language Stage 7 SPAN9013 Module
Spanish Language Stages 3/4 (Accelerated) SPAN9056 Module
Spanish Stage 3 LLLL1069 Module
Structure of English LING1005 Module
Study Abroad Preparation Module HUMA2012 Module
Subtitling for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) HUMA3023 Module
Syntax: Studying Language Structure LING2003 Module
Teaching English as a Foreign Language LING2007 Module
Teaching Foreign Languages to Younger Learners LING6044 Module
Teaching Foreign Languages to Younger Learners LING6076 Module
The EU and European Identity LANG2009 Module
The Making of Modern English LING1006 Module
Transatlantic Crossings: Linguistic Variation in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America (online) SPAN3019 Module
Translation Technology LANG6021 Module
Translation: Theory and Practice LANG6018 Module
Transnational Movement in the Age of Globalisation LANG6024 Module
Travel and Identity in Francophone writing and film FREN3034 Module
Understanding Culture LANG1004 Module
Understanding History and Society LANG1013 Module
Variation and Change in English LING2011 Module
Vienna and Berlin: Society, Politics and Culture from 1890 to the Present GERM2006 Module
Writing and Written Language LING6011 Module
Year Abroad Research Project YARP LANG3005 Module

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