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Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art PHIL2001 Module
Ancient Greek Philosophy PHIL1003 Module
Animal Ethics, Animal Minds PHIL2042 Module
Appearance and Reality PHIL2028 Module
Applied Ethics PHIL1026 Module
Business, Morality, and Markets PHIL3058 Module
Classical Indian Philosophy: Self, Knowledge, and Liberation PHIL6068 Module
Classical Indian Philosophy: Self, Knowledge, and Liberation PHIL3055 Module
Epistemology: Knowledge and Evidence PHIL2021 Module
Ethics PHIL1005 Module
Ethics of Global Poverty PHIL2039 Module
Existentialism and its Origins PHIL1021 Module
Faith and Reason PHIL1020 Module
Fiction and Fictionalism PHIL3042 Module
Freedom and Responsibility PHIL1027 Module
Happiness and Wellbeing PHIL6069 Module
Happiness and Wellbeing PHIL3041 Module
Human Understanding and Understanding Humans HUMA2029 Module
Islamic Philosophy PHIL3053 Module
Kant’s Copernican Revolution in Philosophy PHIL2027 Module
Logic PHIL2014 Module
Metaethics: Facts and Feelings in Ethics PHIL2040 Module
Metaphysics: The Nature of Reality PHIL2032 Module
Mind and World PHIL1002 Module
Mind, Knowledge and Reality PHIL6053 Module
Moral Philosophy PHIL2012 Module
Nietzsche PHIL6062 Module
Nietzsche PHIL3007 Module
Philosophy and Ethics in Psychology and AI PHIL3056 Module
Philosophy and Ethics in Psychology and AI PHIL6072 Module
Philosophy Dissertation PHIL6051 Module
Philosophy Dissertation PHIL3013 Module
Philosophy Individually Negotiated Topic 1 PHIL6048 Module
Philosophy Individually Negotiated Topic 2 PHIL6049 Module
Philosophy of Language PHIL2010 Module
Philosophy of Religion PHIL2037 Module
Philosophy of Science PHIL2034 Module
Philosophy of Sex, Sexuality, and Gender PHIL3034 Module
Philosophy Postgraduate Research Seminar PHIL8002 Module
Political Philosophy PHIL1006 Module
Puzzles about Art and Literature PHIL1019 Module
Puzzles and Paradoxes PHIL3049 Module
Rationality, Responsibility, and Ethics PHIL3035 Module
Rationality, Responsibility, And Ethics PHIL6063 Module
Reason and Argument PHIL1016 Module
Research Skills in Philosophy PHIL6052 Module
SelfKnowledge PHIL6070 Module
SelfKnowledge PHIL3036 Module
The Ethics of Climate Change PHIL3057 Module
The Mind, The Brain, and Consciousness PHIL2009 Module
The Philosophy of Value PHIL6054 Module
Truth, Opinion, And Ideology PHIL6066 Module
Truth, Opinion, and Ideology PHIL3038 Module
Wittgenstein PHIL3037 Module

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